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Boom Mat available in tape form


Boom Mat acoustic products has expanded its lineup with the launch of multi-purpose damping tape for automotive and non-automotive applications, parent company DEI has announced. Boom Mat is designed to reduce aggravating sounds, including road noise.

DEI notes that the new tape format “can be used to cover and protect wire and cable harnesses along floorboards, and improve stereo acoustics, add it to any place where plastic against plastic creates chaffing. Boom Mat Tape can also be used to eliminate rattles along door panels, floor pans, deck lids and trunk areas.”

The company also suggests the tape can be useful around the home or shop “on the bottom of an aluminum or metal sink to eliminate ringing, on water pipes to prevent vibration, or on a noisy sump pump. Other home uses include heating and cooling ducts, drain gutter seams, use along metal doors or under metal workbenches. It is also ideal for or use with home stereo systems or in a theatre room for enhanced sound. For RV campers, Boom Mat Tape covers seams and can be applied to the RV roof to fix leaks.”

Boom Mat tape is 2.5mm thick butyl rubber with aluminum facing and comes in a roll 2 inches wide and 20 feet long. A clear plastic release liner provides peel-and-stick application.

For more information, visit the DEI website.


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