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A mobile app that parents can love but teen drivers may hate


Derive Automotive strives to design products to improve vehicle performance and to make driving more comfortable and convenient, and has added another mission — to save lives.

The Derive VQ is a mobile app that syncs with a car’s computer through the OBDII port. Parents can use the app to set limits designed to teach good and safe driving habits.

“With smart technology you can ensure that someone is a safe driver,” Derive chief executive David Thawley said in an interview with CNET. “We think this is a great demonstration of ways technology can be used for overall good, and in this case protecting teen drivers.”

For example, the app prevents a vehicle from being started until the driver’s seat belt is properly attached. And once the car is in Drive, the driver’s phone is locked to prevent making or receiving calls or using apps behind the wheel. The technology even provides real-time speed limiting that cuts power when a driver goes beyond the posted limit.

Derive VQ debuted at CES 2018 but is not publicly available at this time. Follow Derive on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.


  1. Is this app available anywhere at this time? If not when do y’all expect it to be on the market and where? I think they should be mandatory for all teen and elderly (and in between driver) If this app works as described it could help drivers apply rules for driving skills/habits proven to save lives. For myself, forming (new) good habits was the hardest as laws changed and this app would have help. For example, I ”click-it” before starting the car; however at age 58 this wasn’t a law when I began driving. As a teen this app would have forced me to get in the habit of using my seatbelt pretty fast if I wanted to drive! It would be great for older family members also! We have a few in the family that drive like our kids as teens or worse in some cases! This app could be helpful since we have lilittle recourse when addressing their bad driving habits. (Believe it or not it’s easier to discuss driving rules with a teen than a defiant, pouting 70 year old with a and a DL). Anyway, I cannot wait to see the app! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. It gives me hope for my sanity. Have a nice day.

    • Wouldn’t this be a life changer? There are no details on an official release date for the Derive VQ app, but count on us to report on them once there are.


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