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1979-04 Mustang tubular torque box reinforcement braces


Modern Mustang and Fox body enthusiasts who want to turn their car into a dragster, street racer or simply a more comfortable, high performance vehicle now can with BMR Suspension’s torque box reinforcement braces for 1979-04 Mustangs.

When large amounts of torque are applied to the Fox chassis, the factory torque boxes are known to crack and rip. BMR torque box reinforcement braces are designed to bolt into the chassis and increase strength to the upper and lower control arm mounts.

This kit includes braces and hardware to reinforce the upper and lower rear control arm mounts (torque boxes). The tubular upper reinforcement braces and CNC-laser cut, CNC-formed, MIG-welded lower plates bolt in using supplied hardware and require very little fabrication to install.

The braces can also be purchased separately for the uppers and lowers.

For more information, visit BMRSuspension.com



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