2018 New York to Paris rally will be abbreviated

In other news, the AACA offers a variety of tours for vintage vehicles

In part to prove the viability of newfangled motorcars, a race from New York to Paris, Times Square to the Eiffel Tower, was staged in 1908. Most considered the task impossible but six vehicles showed up to compete, including the American entry Thomas Flyer that eventually would win the 22,000-mile, 169-day trek.

To celebrate and commemorate the 1908 New York to Paris event, another is planned for 2018, though recent events in Asia have caused postponement of the second leg.

AACA 2018 New York to Paris rally will be abbreviated | ClassicCars.com

Thomas Flyer has been restored in running order | HVA photo

“Events have been unfolding in Asia that raise concerns for the region,” organizers posted on their website. “Even the U.S. participation (as well as other countries) in the upcoming Olympic Games to be held in South Korea may be affected. With the long-range planning involved in the Asia/European legs for 2018NYtoParis, it is prudent to decide that for the safety of all involved, we postpone those legs of the 110th Anniversary Celebration until a later time.”

The plan is a “relaxed” run across the U.S. following the route driven more than a century ago by George Schuster in the Thomas Flyer. The trek averages 315 miles a day, and includes three days off for rest and recuperation — and any work needed to the vehicles.

The route starts at the Beekman Arms, the “oldest hotel in America opened 1766,” and goes to Buffalo, New York, for a joint event with the start of The Great Race, which will send its competitors on their way to Halifax, Nova Scotia, while the NYtoParis contingent heads to Ohio, Illinois, Nebraska, Wyoming, Nevada and on through Death Valley to Oakland, California.

AACA offers a variety of tours

Each year, the Antique Automobile Club of America stages several tours for vintage vehicles. The 2018 schedule includes:

June 25-29 — AACA Eastern Division Tour (hosted by North Central Pennsylvania region for 1940-1955 vehicles)

August 20-24 — AACA Reliability Tour (hosted by Genessee Valley and Rochester, New York, regions for 1915 and earlier vehicles)

September 12-15 — AACA Central Division Tour (hosted by Amarillo, Texas, region)

September 16-21 — AAA Glidden Tour (hosted by Veteram Motor Car Club of America in Twin Falls, Idaho)

October 21-26 — Founders Tour (hosted by Southern Illinois and Ohio Valley regions)

November 5-9 — AACA Sentimental Tour (hosted by Louisiana Region)

For additional information, visit the AACA website.


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