Banks 1.8 iDash Super Gauge

Banks 1.8 iDash Super Gauge

The new Banks 1.8 iDash Super Gauge is available for 2008 and newer vehicles.

The influence of this data-driven world extends to the vehicle dashboard. The 1.8 iDash Super Gauge is an “information gathering machine” that plugs into the vehicle’s OBD-II port. The combination computer and monitor reports on compressor efficiency, intercooler efficiency, and other advanced performance parameters in real time.

iDash’s bright 1.8-inch color LCD display and is a standard sized 52mm (2 1/16-inch) for easy mounting into a dashboard or accessory mounting pod. The Banks Super Gauge can display from two to five parameters on a single gauge and continuously logs up to 20 min/max values.

This gauge has a user-configurable shift light and is jam-packed with features, starting with the ability to read and clear codes (no need to buy a scanning tool), correct for tire size, set low/high alerts for up to 20 user-selectable parameters (speed, RPM, etc.), and set custom alerts for any available parameter.

For more information on Banks Power 1.8 iDash Super Gauge, visit BanksPower.com.

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