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Heidts launches IRS for fourth-generation Camaro, Firebird


Heidts Hot Rod and Muscle Car Parts has released its new independent rear suspension system specifically designed for the F-body platform of the 1993-2002 Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird.

The Pro-G IRS is designed to line up perfectly with the frame in either a 62-inch or a 65-inch configuration. It’s available in 500- and 800-horsepower configurations,

The standard kit comes with a cradle, CV shafts, tubular control arms, steering arm and billet adjustable coilover shocks and springs, with the brake packages as optional extras. This translates to more grip, a flatter ride through corners and the performance to bring your Camaro’s handling capabilities to the next level. The kit is usable both on and off the track, meaning you won’t need a trailer to take it racing.

Available upgrades for the Pro-G IRS are:

C4 rotors and calipers
Wilwood brakes with a 9” Currie 3rd member
Three or four channel ABS hubs

For more information on the Heidts PRO-G IRS, visit www.heidts.com.


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