Invisible Glass lives up to its name

Invisible Glass lives up to its name

Company that makes products to clean your windshield adds rain-repellent washer additive and other car-care products

If you do a lot of driving, which you probably do if you’re visiting this website, you likely have become frustrated by the number of insects splattered to death on your windshield. It’s not only ugly,but dangerous.

For about a dozen years, I wrote a weekly feature for the Detroit News about automotive aftermarket products, and in the course of those stories, I got to try a bunch of car-cleaning products. There was one I found so easy and so effective to use that I’ve spent my own money to buy more after the test supply ran out.

That product is called Invisible Glass. Shake the can, douse your windshield and other glass surfaces with the foamy spray and wipe away the bugs and other road grim. Do the same thing inside the car and — voila! — the product lives up to its name.

But Invisible Glass is just one of the car-care products produced by the Quarryville, Pennsylvania-based company founded in 1942 by Paul Stoner, an orphan raised by family friends and relatives during the Depression. Stoner studied chemistry at Franklin & Marshall College.

He moved back to Quarryville in 1942 and founded the Stoner Ink Company, which produced ink for the printing industry. Making only $1,200 in his first year in business, he took part-time jobs, including one at a tire-retreading plant. When the plant had trouble getting tires to release from their molds, he created a lubricant that provided a quick and easy release.

Triangular device gets into windshield’s corners and area behind rearview mirror

In the 1960s, the company also produced lubricating and cleaning products for automotive and electronic manufacturers and in the ’70s added automotive polishes and waxes.

Stoner’s grandson, Robert Ecklin Jr., purchased the family business in the 1980s, launched Invisible Glass and a variety of other cleaners and lubricants for industry and for consumers.

Among those products is an Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool that makes it easier to apply glass cleaner to those awkward corners and edges on the inside of your windshield.

Among the company’s newest products is Invisible Glass Rain Repellent Washer Fluid Additive, a solution you add to your windshield washer reservoir that the company formulated to work with both water and winter deicer fluids to help repel rain, sleet and snow, with a fresh application available at the touch of the washer switch.

Stoner also offers a variety of car cleaning products for various vehicle surfaces, including several featured at the recent AAPEX automotive aftermarket show. For more information, visit the company website.

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  • jack
    December 2, 2017, 5:26 AM

    Invisable Glass cleaner also makes paint shine like new or better.


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