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The rebirth of Charles’ 1977 El Camino


I purchased this 1977 El Camino online from North Carolina in 2011. I was in Florida for the winter, so I had a neighbor meet the driver and vehicle when it was delivered at my house in Indiana. The neighbor put it in the garage and I waited two months to see it,.

The car was painted a “General Lee” orange, with a paint brush, I believe. The interior was pretty dirty, but was missing nothing.

The rebirth of Charles’ 1977 El Camino | ClassicCars.com Journal

The car came from the factory with a 250cid 6-cylinder, swivel buckets, and console shift. The dealer who took delivery of the vehicle added air conditioning.

I spent most of my summer weekends for the next two years turning the car into a nice daily driver.

The interior was cleaned and refurbished. My daughter made door panels and sun visors. All interior panels were removed and painted. A new head liner was installed.

The exterior was stripped of all chrome and aluminum pieces. These were carefully cleaned and polished. The body was sanded with 200, 300, and then 600 paper.

I installed the Rhino bed liner when the car was returned from the paint shop. I also installed new door rubber for both doors. The engine bay was cleaned up and repainted. The front fender liners were removed and repainted.

The wheels only needed new beauty rims as the center caps were like new.

I have been driving the car the last two years. I managed to put 4,000 miles on it this summer. It brings lots of smiles and thumbs up when it’s on the road.

— Charles Ranney, Syracuse IN


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