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FIVA offers Master Class on paint


The Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens is building a comprehensive resource of freely available expert technical advice for classic vehicle owners.

“The aim is to provide free access to expert advice on a wide range of technical topics, at a level that is detailed enough to interest experienced owners and even professional restorer,” according to Mario Theissen, FIVA senior vice president.

“Thanks to our partnership with German paint specialist Glasurit, our first technical Master Class is on the hugely important but often misunderstood subject of paint and finishing.”

We are sharing FIVA’s three-part feature on automotive paintwork, created by Katharina Fechtner, a chemist for BASF Coatings GmbH and Jürgen Book, classic cars specialist for that company.

FIVA Master Class Part 1: What paint can do

Part 1 of the FIVA Master Class on Paint looks at the diverse requirements of a high-quality automotive paint, from resisting rust to withstanding stone-chips, not to mention looking good for the lifetime of the vehicle. It explains how the multiple layers of a paint finish each have a different ‘job’ to perform… all contained within a space scarcely wider than a human hair.

Since the high drying and baking temperatures make the paint application process one of the greatest energy consumers in the modern manufacturing process, car manufacturers need paints that can be applied quickly and efficiently; that are resistant to various surface defects; and that – importantly to the owner – are simple to repair if the paint is scratched in the car’s later life.

The article goes on to explain how a modern car manufacturer applies the paint finish; and what each layer within the paint contributes to the properties of the final result.

Here is the link to the pdf of the Master Class Part 1.

Subsequent parts will cover:

– The raw materials in automotive paint and what they do
– The technical basis of paint colours
– Special effects – metallic, pearlescent, and so on
– The technical basis of paint application
– The need for continual innovation


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