Katzkin offers leather seating to match classic Mopar muscle colors

Katzkin match leather seating to Mopar muscle colors | ClassicCars.com
This Katzkin leather interior is showcased in a Ford Mustang | Katzkin photos

So you’re doing a resto-mod project on a vintage Dodge or Plymouth but want leather seats and want them to match the car’s wild exterior paint color? Katzkin Leather has a solution.

At the recent SEMA Show, it introduced more — and more exotic — colors to its palette, including Electric Lime, Hyper Yellow and Mango Suedezkin, each matching historic Mopar exterior paint shades.

Katzkin match leather seating to Mopar muscle colors | ClassicCars.com
Hurst Camaro with Katzkin interior

Meeting such customer demand isn’t easy, noted Katzkin chief executive Tim Clyde, because not only do the colors have to be developed, they have to work when applied to leather, and they must be able to hold up to years of wear.

The Montebello, California-based company also showcased some of its other styles at the show, including a “Black with Sunrise” leather interior in a 2018 Hurst Chevrolet Camaro SS convertible and exclusive Realtree Xtra camo leather interior and exterior package on a 2018 Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4×4 pickup truck.


Katzkin match leather seating to Mopar muscle colors | ClassicCars.com
Realtree amo by Katzkin

In addition to offering such variety, Katzkin can deliver its products within 48 hours of ordering to dealers and specialty shops. Clyde notes this is “a huge win” for the customer eager to redo a vehicle’s interior.

Also new from Katzkin, which can supply heated or ventilated leather seating and multi-tone seats, are additional stitch patterns, such as an enhanced version of its diamond pattern for seat and seat-back surfaces.

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For more information, visit the Kazkin website.

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