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A Roaring ‘20s success: Scottsdale stages its third annual Grand Prix


A unique event that celebrates vintage racing, Americana and the Roaring ‘20s, the Grand Prix puts race teams on the streets of Old Town Scottsdale in retro-styled karts designed by Vintage Kart Company.

The event featured the same course as last year, but the layout for guests and vendors was revamped, allowing guests to be closer to the racing action while enjoying everything downtown Scottsdale has to offer.

scottsdale grand prix
Spectators dressed up to watch the race | Photo by Dawn Antestenis

Another change was the addition of Richard Rawlings, of Discovery Channel fame.  Rawlings joined the event as master of ceremonies, bringing his usual flair to the role.  His Gas Monkey Garage team also took part in the race.

scottsdale grand prix
Richard Rawlings getting ready for a practice lap | Photo by Nathan Smith

Other teams barreling round the streets of Old Town Scottsdale included local businesses, radio stations, and the Phoenix Suns basketball team. 

In the end, after a full day of racing, the winner was a local Scottsdale radio station, “1580 The Fanatic.”  Delighted with its victory, the team already is preparing to defend its title in 2018.

Twenty-two companies took part as race teams, many seeing the race as a perfect team-building opportunity.  Track-side many more companies, including ClassicCars.com, hosted booths.  Local businesses were spilling over with customers enjoying eats and a great view of the karts.

As presenting sponsor, ClassicCars.com put on a display of classic cars from local dealerships.  The vehicles also took part in a halftime parade around the track.

scottsdale grand prix
Classic Mustang takes part in the half-time parade | Photo by Dawn Antestenis

The event is led by a team that combines their love of vintage racing with a collective combination of skills. The event raises funds for Arizona charity South West Human Development.

scottsdale grand prix
South West Human Development kart at the event | Photo by Dawn Antestenis

Undeniably at the center of the event are the karts themselves.  For more information on the engineering behind these karts, visit the Vintage Kart Company website.

Dawn Antestenis
Dawn Antestenis
A UK native, Dawn Antestenis has been working in the collector car world for 4 years, falling more in love with classic and collector vehicles every day. An English literature and language fanatic, Dawn has been writing and creating content professionally for over 15 years.


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