SEMA product spotlight: Finally, new O.E. steel wheels for classic trucks

The new steel wheel was part of the SEMA product showcase and on display at the Wheel Vintiques booth

The old school appearance of steel wheels is a strong trend within the classic truck market, the company noted, and the interest in classic trucks is increasing within the collector car community.

The new Six-Lug O.E. steel wheel is designed to work with any ‘50s or ‘60s GM or Ford pick up truck.

Wheel Vintiques offers these wheels in 15-inch sizing, with widths from 6 to 8 inches. The direct-fit bolt pattern is a standard 6×5.5 inches, and the wheel accepts original 10-1/8 inch “dog dish” center caps.

Several finish options are available, including primer, chrome plating and custom powder coating.

The wheels are made in the USA and are designed with clean lines. The use of precise jigs in manufacturing ensures a perfectly true wheel as the center and hoop are welded together.

The new Six-Lug O.E. steel wheel will be available in early 2018.

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