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SEMA Product Spotlight: Fourth-generation Nova grille


Based in Huntington Beach, California, Classic Industries offers a wide range of products, often spending years researching and developing parts before they are brought to market. The goal is to ensure correct, high-quality products.

“Our success is simple,” says Jeff Leonard, founder of Classic Industries.  “We seek out and market the products people need to maintain and restore their classic vehicles.  We make sure to carry the absolute highest quality parts possible, and we sell them at a fair price.”

The new range of fourth-generation Nova grills include Nova SS and Rally trim levels.

Each grill is designed to mount on 1976-78 Nova models equipped with Rally grill brackets.  If converting a non-SS or non-Rally model it is possible to use grill brackets from any 1975 Nova to complete the conversion.

Each grill is manufactured from injection-molded materials and comes in a range of finishes including factory-correct black and chrome plated.

Both the ’76 and the ’77-78 models were originally equipped with black headlamp bezels, offered separately.

A Rally Nova emblem is available to complete the look.

Dawn Antestenis
Dawn Antestenis
A UK native, Dawn Antestenis has been working in the collector car world for 4 years, falling more in love with classic and collector vehicles every day. An English literature and language fanatic, Dawn has been writing and creating content professionally for over 15 years.


  1. A lot of Nova owners of this generation have been waiting for a long time for this. Thank you Dawn Antestenis for writing this article0

    • thank you , its what a lot of nova owners have been waiting for , but instead of the rally logo will it also be offered with the SS logo for the 1976 nova owners?
      again thanks

  2. GM has not reproduced the Malibu Rallye grill emblem (which was the Nova Rally sold in Mexico) – much like adding Nissan Skyline lettering 2 USA market Infiniti G35s (also F O R D lettering to the USA market Capri during the 1970s when it was a Mercury captive) – those south of the border would have 2 wait (hope the grill assembly lines up with the existing bracketry)


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