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Experience Scottsdale: 2017 Scottsdale Grand Prix Teams


Team: Experience Scottsdale

Taking place on the streets of Scottsdale in Arizona, it is only fitting that the race lineup includes a team representing the City of Scottsdale and Experience Scottsdale, two of the largest sponsors of the race.

This is the second year for this team, which is headed by Rachel Pearson the team includes drivers Charity Snyder, Steven Smith, Nicole Krekeler, James Meyer and professional driver Steve Swinnerton.

The white Italiano vintage mini racer, No. 87, will sport the trademark City of Scottsdale “Cowboy Bucking Bronco” as a hood ornament.

Cheer on all the teams and enjoy a day of 1920s themed fun at the Scottsdale Waterfront, Sunday November 5. The event is free to spectators.

For more information visit Scottsdale Grand Prix.


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