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Easily clean any car finish with Mothers Speed


mothers speed bug and tar removerMothers says it understands the joy of driving a car that looks good, and how heartbreaking it is when that perfect finish is damaged unexpectedly on the open road. The company’s new Speed foaming bug and tar remover removes damaging contaminants on contact and leaves the finish as good as new.

Mothers Speed is a custom blend of professional strength cleaners that is designed to easily lift away road grime, tar, tree sap and much more. It can be used on paint, chrome, glass, metal, plastic, acrylic, vinyl wrap and clear paint protection film.

The product can be sprayed directly into grilles, vents, louvers and other hard-to-clean areas. For spot cleaning, spray it on and wipe clean. Soak tougher grime in Speed and spray it off with water.

For more information visit www.mothers.com.


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