This Bud’s for classic cars: Beer company offers Lyft rides in Manhattan in vintage vehicles

This Bud’s for classic cars: Beer company offers Lyft rides in Manhattan in vintage vehicles

Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., a fleet of 1930s vehicles will celebrate the launch of Budweiser’s 1933 Repeal Reserve brew

A fleet of classic cars will provide Lyfts on the streets of New York City on Wednesday as part of a Budweiser promotion for its 1933 Repeal Reserve, which the company says is based on a recipe halted by Prohibition.

“The recipe behind Repeal Reserve dates back to the pre-Prohibition era when Adolphus Busch created and brewed a special Amber Lager for his friends and local community to enjoy,” the company said in its news release. “Due to the onset of Prohibition in 1920, the beer didn’t have a chance to be distributed widely outside the St. Louis area… until now.”

1933 Repeal Reserve, to be sold nationwide during ‘the holidays’

The brew is being offered nationally on a limited-edition basis “for the holidays.”

To celebrate, and to offer a total taste of the 1930s, Budweiser and Lyft are unveiling a fleet of vintage cars that will provide rides in Manhattan on Wednesday between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. Those vehicles will be a 1936 Riley Kestrel, 1937 Packard sedan, 1930 Buick sedan, 1937 Packard 110 sedan and 1942 Cadillac sedan, the company said.

Rides can be reserved with a coupon available through the Lyft website to use on the Lyft app.

Packard cruises through Washington Square Park

“The Prohibition era marks a defining moment for the Great American Lager, as the brand, and the country, faced 13 years without a drop of beer,” according to the Budweiser news release. “Budweiser’s limited-edition 1933 Repeal Reserve is brewed to recognize and raise a cold one to America’s determination through Prohibition.

“We are excited to mark the upcoming holiday season and the anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition with this new brew based on a forgotten recipe,” Ricardo Marques, the brewer’s vice president, is quoted. “While Budweiser Repeal Reserve is a great tasting Amber Lager, it also tells the story of an important part of our history and gives reason for celebration.”

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  • scott
    October 24, 2017, 1:12 PM

    Are these resto-mods or just restored cars?
    What will they do with the cars after the promotion?