My Classic Car: Frank’s 1964 Dodge Dart

My Classic Car: Frank’s 1964 Dodge Dart

Fond memories of the Darts of his childhood lead him to find another

My parents bought a new 1964 Dodge Dart 170 four-door the year before I was born. Later that year, my great aunt bought a nearly identical one.

My parents’ car served our family well but, by 1979, the body had seen better days due to its exposure to road salt. After a minor accident, my father decided its days were done.

My great aunt had passed away two years earlier and we acquired her car. I parted out my family’s Dart and we made a number of repairs to my great aunt’s car, which became my first car. It served me well until its life was cut short one stormy night two months before I graduated high school.

Fifteen years later, when I was 32, I acquired this Dart. It was a low-mileage car that had been owned by an older woman prior to her death. Over the years, I replaced the tired 170 with a healthy 225, rebuilt the transmission, installed stiffer torsion bars, and added a sway bar and disc brakes, and swapped to a more highway friendly 2.76 rear axle ratio.

Five years ago, I tackled the rust and refurbished the interior.

Now, 20 years into ownership, I am enjoying my time behind the wheel more than ever.

— Frank Adkins, Greenwood DE

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  • Kerry Williamson
    January 15, 2019, 11:55 PM

    Loved your story Frank,I have owned a Canadian version ,labelled Valiant for over forty years.Ours is a 1965 version 100% Dart just labelled Valiant.I live way down in New Zealand,we are lucky no salted roads over here,so the old girl is totally rust free,ours is a convertible version factory RHD as it was bought new in Zambia (Africa),We keep it all original,still has the original leaning tower of power 225 slant six,cheers Kerry,way down under.