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Prestone introduces line of power steering fluids


Prestone recently launched a line of synthetic power-steering fluids that the manufacturer says is designed for optimal performance in domestic and international vehicles.  All the new products are compatible with the original factory-fill fluids.

The power-steering fluids have anti-wear additives to protect pump components, and include antioxidants to prevent sludge formation, Prestone says, as well as anti-foam agents to prevent pump cavitation and steering loss, while corrosion inhibitors protect metal components.

Potentially of particular interest to classic and collector car owners, the lineup includes power-steering fluid designed specifically for GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles.  The full-synthetic formulation contains the latest additive chemistry to maintain performance while delivering oxidative stability for extended fluid life, according to Prestone.

The are also introducing a power-steering fluid designed for European vehicles, for extreme temperatures and suitable for use where CHF 7.1, 202 or 11S fluids are recommended.

For details about the product lineup, visit Prestone’s website.


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