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Wireless tech levels hydraulic suspensions


Level Ride Air Suspension has introduced a new way to control popular pneumatic and hydraulic suspension systems. An Android-based wireless control unit works with a vehicle’s existing adjustable suspension to change ride height by touch or voice.

The new system also stores data in a secure cloud-based server allowing access to diagnostics for troubleshooting from anywhere where a reliable WiFi connection is available.

“The Level Ride Air Suspension system is the culmination of 18 years of industry experience designing, manufacturing and distributing suspension products,” founder/product engineer James Cloke said in a news release.

For the controller, Level Ride Air Suspension uses a stand-alone, Bluetooth-enabled, 5.5-inch touchscreen unit instead of a mobile phone app, allowing for a higher level of control and reliability. For failsafe operation, the system senses vehicle battery voltage and automatically goes into sleep mode as required to prevent vehicle and control-unit discharge.

In addition to the touch-screen controller, the kit includes an ECU, height and pressure sensors, a Valet/Override switch and all required mounting hardware and wiring harnesses and related components.

The kit is compatible with many aftermarket air-suspension systems.

For more information visit www.LevelRideAirSuspension.com.



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