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The Thermal Club: Leave your golf clubs at home


Outside of Palm Springs, amid the country’s legendary golf courses, exists a private facility for well-heeled petrol heads. Situated on 344 acres, the Thermal Club provides its members everything they need to live a car enthusiast’s dream.

Combining on-track thrills with the grandeur of a country club, Thermal Club features a luxurious clubhouse, a Motorsports Village plaza, an athletic facility, spa, pools and tennis courts. Buildings showcase contemporary Spanish architecture.

The Thermal Club has three race tracks | Photo courtesy of Thermal Club

Becoming a member affords access to amenities and racetracks, and qualifies you to purchase a home site within the club’s grounds where you can build your dream home built to your own desires and preferences.

Villas are not only luxurious vacation homes, but car galleries— where you can display 15 or more vehicles in a garage and still find room to park an RV. Ranging between 6,000 to 15,000 square feet, most villas have three to five bedrooms and offer views of the track. The design of a villa can mimic the Spanish mission architecture of the club, although custom homes can also be commissioned. Most villas are located around one of the club’s three racing circuits, with a selection providing direct access to a track.

Each racing circuit is distinguished by unique features and can be combined to create a 5.1-mile loop. The tracks incorporate state-of-the-art safety measures. Each circuit designed by acclaimed track designer Alan Wilson.

While racing is the keystone of the community, the experience goes well beyond. The Member’s Club houses a European-inspired spa, café and bar. Large family and kids rooms are available. Two outdoor pools offer an escape from the desert climate. The facility also features basketball, tennis and pickleball courts.

At the center of the club is Motorsports Village, a collection of buildings that support the racing operation. The Village’s main garage has a professional shop with lifts, tools, diagnostic computers and skilled mechanics. The shop not only prepares a member’s racing car, but services and details personal vehicles as well.

Directly across from the shop is a climate-controlled, secure garage where members store cars and the club’s racing crew prepares for on-track action. When track time ends, the crew will perform a systems check, make repairs or adjustments, and then give the vehicle a wash and detailing.

The Clubhouse

The crown jewel of Motorsports Village is the clubhouse, which offers meeting spaces and a large dining room with racing-inspired paintings on every wall. A viewing tower offers a visual vantage of the tracks, as well as the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains.

Further details and information about membership can be obtained at www.TheThermalClub.com


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