Race Ramps FlatStoppers Now Available for Supercars


Race Ramps has introduced its new Supercar FlatStoppers, designed to accommodate classic supercar tires up to 14-inches wide and preserve their shape when not on the road for extended periods.  FlatStoppers are available in black or red, with low profiles so that driving on is easy.

FlatStoppers include patented 100 percent solid construction that preserves tire shape while providing thermal protection that shields tires from hot or cold floor temperatures.

The introduction of the Supercar FlatStopper extends the entire product line to offer three sizes, which include 10-inch FlatStoppers for tires up to 8-inches wide and standard FlatStoppers for tires up to 12-inches wide.

All FlatStoppers are non-skid, will not mark floors, and are made in the USA.

For more information visit https://raceramps.com/car-ramps/car-storage-ramps/flatstoppers/



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