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Tuff Stuff introduces 130-amp Chrysler alternators


Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories has announced the availability of High-Output 130 amp Chrysler alternators designed to provide twice the OEM output while retaining the original alternator style and form factor.

Large copper windings, large diodes and premium ball bearings are designed to provide maximum output and dependability. These alternators also feature a large internal cooling fan to prevent overheating.

, Tuff Stuff introduces 130-amp Chrysler alternators, ClassicCars.com Journal

They are available in black chrome, chrome plated, polished aluminum, stealth black or Factory Cast Plus+ finishes, and in either single- or dual- grove pulley configuration, and in your choice of OEM or 1-wire hookup to simplify installation.

Also available are external solid-state voltage regulators.

In business for nearly 40 years, Tuff Stuff builds its alternators in Cleveland, Ohio.

For more information visit tuffstuffperformance.com.


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