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No keys? Ididit offers push-to-start for classics


Ididit has created a new ignition system that works with its tilt steering columns to give drivers options ranging from a traditional turn-key start or a modern, keyless, push-to-start system.

For those who enjoy a keyed ignition system, “id.Classic” has been designed to add just a touch of style and function to your ride. The ignitions are available for any Ididit paintable steel, chrome, black powder coated tilt steering column and it includes an “easy effort” electric ignition switch, relays and two coded keys. The ignition sits in the original GM ignition location and uses an electric internal ignition for a clean look.

For a driver looking to get in, push-to-start, and go, the “id.Push’ system offers a mechanical button start without a key fob. It has been designed for quick install and uses only 6 wires to connect while ensuring a clean look. The ignition also has an emergency shut down and uses brake input by requiring the pedal be pushed prior to starting the car.

An upgrade over id.Push is ididit’s “id.Push+” which features the same mechanical button start technology as the standard push system as well as emergency shut down and brake input, but the upgrade comes with the added security of a key fob and system status indicator.

Both id.Push and id.Push+ are a solid state and use relays on board, but a more advanced option, id.Touch doesn’t use internal relays but has a touch sensitive button start as well as a key fob that allows for four programable channels with multi-color LED lights to indicate which mode is in use. Additionally the system simulates the five common GM ignition positions: off, accessory, on, crank and run.

Drivers using Ididit’s ignitions can also use “id.Connect,” an application for smartphones allowing remote start.


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