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Canadian brothers selling their car collection at auction


The Ewert and two of the cars heading to auction | Ritchie Bros. photo
The Ewert and two of the cars heading to auction | Ritchie Bros. photo

Brothers Jim and Bill Ewert, both semi-retired farmers in their mid-70s, bought their first Ford Model T when they were teenagers. Now, decades later, they are selling their vintage car collection. The sale, handled by Ritchie Bros., is scheduled for August 19 at the Ewert’s farm in Drake, Saskatchewan, Canada.

“When we were boys the Model T fascinated us and we never quite outgrew it,” Jim Ewert is quoted in the Ritchie Bros. news releae.

“It goes from a hobby to maybe an obsession and incurable disease,” he added. “These antique cars are so much fun to drive; if you want to get looks, just take your Model T for a drive.”

While still fun, the brothers have decided it’s time to disperse their collection.

“It’s going to be like cutting your hand off,” Jim Ewert added. “We’ve done this for 60 years; our families have been a vital part of it, but eventually, the day had to come.”

The brothers’ collection includes Ford Model Ts, a 1918 McLaughlin, a Ford Model A roadster, 1923 Ford Model TT and 1933 Model B trucks, a 1928 Ford Model AR coach, a 1926 Chevrolet coupe and assorted parts for four-cylinder Chevrolets.

Also on the docket are vintage tractors, including a 1925 Farm-All, a Ford Model T tractor and a Cockshutt 40.

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