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Motorcycle champion’s collection headed to auction


Ivan Mauger's 1977 championship ride will be offered at auction | Bonhams photos
Ivan Mauger’s 1977 championship ride will be offered at auction | Bonhams photos

Ivan Mauger, considered the greatest speedway motorcycle racer of the 20th Century, won a record nine world championships in speedway and long-track competition. In October, his personal collection of motorcycles and trophies and memorabilia will be offered for sale at Bohams’ Autumn Stafford auction.

Mauger, a native of New Zealand who has a long-suffering illness, was awarded Order of the British Empire (OBE and MBE) recognition after winning more than 1,000 races in 26 nations around the world.

He started racing at age 14, moved to England at 17 and won his first world championship before he turned 30. He was the only rider to claim the “Triple Crown,” — winning championships three years in a row in the early 1970s. He claimed his 15th FIM golf medal a month before his 40th birthday.

This bike was a gift from the Newcastle Diamonds team
This bike was a gift from the Newcastle Diamonds team

“Simply put, he is the most successful and decorated solo performer that the sport has ever known and was acknowledged as such when he was voted Man of the Millennium by speedway followers,” Bonhams said in its news release.

“Our father was arguably the most successful speedway rider of all time, and amassed the most astonishing number of trophies, awards and motorcycles,” the Mauger family stated.

“He kept fastidiously good care of each and every one, reflecting his passion and respect for the sport. We take great pride in the condition and variety of his collection, and know that it will bring joy to his fans, admirers and speedway enthusiasts alike.”

On October 15, the Bonhams Motorcycle Department will offer 50 lots of Mauger’s estate, including:

  • His 1969 World Speedway Championship-winning 1969 Jawa racing motorcycle.
  • His 1972 World Speedway Championship-winning motorcycle what brand? and engine.
  • His 1972 World Speedway Championship-winning Jawa motorcycle.
  • His 1972 Long-Track World Championship-winning Jawa motorcycle.
  • His 1964 Rotrax-JAP motorcycle he rode to multiple championships.
  • His 1965 ESO motorcycle given to him by the Newcastle Diamond team.

    Mauger wore these helmets in 1976 championship season
    Mauger wore these helmets in 1976 championship season

“Our father has always been grateful for his own good fortune, and did not take his successes for granted,” his family added. “As a tribute to our father’s generosity, we will be making a contribution to the Speedway Riders Benevolent Fund in his name. Proceeds raised from the sale of several of the lots, including a signature chequered Bell helmet and his trophies from the 1975 season, will be donated to the charity.”

For more information, visit the auction website.

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