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My Classic Car: Wounded veteran’s dream of owning a ‘55


James' dream is to own a 1955 classic, such as this Chrysler New Yorker
James’ dream is to own a 1955 classic, such as this Chrysler New Yorker

(Editor’s note: Today is Collector Car Appreciation Day.)

My story isn’t one of a specific car, but classics in general.

My parents grew up in the ’50s and always spoke fondly of the first cars they drove. I fell in love with ’50s music and culture as a little kid and even had a fund going for a ’57 Chevy. I think I made it to about 50 dollars. Ha.

Fast forwarding to my 20s. I had graduated college and had been in the National Guard for about 7 years. My unit was activated and deployed to Iraq in 2004. On patrol in Baghdad, a roadside bomb destroyed the vehicle in which I was riding. Two of my friends were killed and four of us were severely wounded. I spent the next year at Brooke Army Medical Center recovering. I’m disabled, but so fortunate to be doing as well as I am.

At the same time I was fighting overseas, my 4 year old daughter was back home fighting leukemia. Needless to say it was a tough time for my family. Survival is a word that describes my family perfectly.

One of the dreams that kept me going during the long days and nights in combat was owning a classic car. My dream of owning one has never faded, even though life has made it just a dream for now.

I would just daydream of driving around my hometown in a 1955 Chrysler (see photo), Buick, Olds 88, or Cadillac. For some reason 1955 is my favorite production year of big bodied sedans.

The biggest difference in my dream now from when I was a kid is that I want a daily driver to use in honor of my friends who didn’t come home from the war. Also, I want my daughter, who survived leukemia twice, to get to use my car for senior prom. (Thankfully she inherited my love for classic cars, too!). My 8 year old twins can’t wait for me to be able to take them to school in the coolest car of all the dads.

I’m working hard to make my dream a reality. I will turn 40 this October and have set a goal to own a 1955 during my 40th year.

The point of my story is to say that holding onto the dream of my future classic helped get me through the darkest days of my life. I still close my eyes and picture my kids and myself cruising around and making people smile. (We will have to have the AC on since we live in South Louisiana. Lol).

I can picture the look on my parents’ faces when they see a car from their youth pull up with their son driving. Please keep your fingers crossed that I can make those years of dreams into a reality.

Cruising in honor of the friends I lost might help bring a bit more closure to the horrors we experienced over there. Nothing can bring my brothers home, but I can live everyday to the fullest in their honor. Plus, I can keep a piece of history alive and pass that love down to my little ones.

I hope to be able to write a follow up to this story one day and include a picture of my very own beautiful classic with my family and military buddies gathered around smiling.

— James Johnson, Lake Charles LA

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  1. James:check California Automobile Museum. They have a 56 Pontiac, looks good! Good? price ahh! I was there, the 50s an USAF 1963 -67 I had a stash of tri 5s. Never payed over a hundred for any of them! My uncle wanted his pasture back while I was gone! Thats the end of that story. Working on a 55, 3100 now, there are endless places to lookup but get your seatbelt on at some of the $ don’t know what your capable of doing? The finished price may be your route. Chasing down used parts is not a the cheapest way either. Enjoy your new ride!

  2. Hello – I have several 1955 Chevrolets that need restoration. They are four door but mostly complete. I will give you one should you have any interest.

  3. Welcome home, Brother…THANK YOU for your service….wishing all the best of health and happiness to you and your family, and may God be with you as your dreams come true!

  4. This Navy veteran is very appreciative of your service and sacrifice. So sad to know of your comrades plight. Love the ’55’s! Great year. All the best for you and your family.

  5. James, I live on the East side of Louisiana, in Franklinton, Washington Parish, and I truly hope you can find the 1955 Big car of your choice. Try ebay and BringATrailer.com for some really affordable cars like you want. There are other sites as well, so google search till you find the car of your dreams. God bless you and help you in your recovery! Reggie, LTC, USAR (R)

  6. Wow! What you have lived through. 55’s are very cool. I owned a 55 Buick Super 4 door sedan. Red & White. Later after my 3 year hitch with the army I bought a black & white 55 Olds Holiday 98 4 door hardtop (no post) cool wonderbar radio. I sure hope you get dream and long live your daughter.

  7. I know how he keeps his dream of cars and want to fulfill a restoration of a car in honor of of his fallen Soldiers. Me as a veteran suffer from some of the same things and want to remind those who want to know of my brothers that I lost. I was replaced and the one that replaced me never made it home. To this day I care that with me. I know it will never change what happened but at least they can live in our minds hearts and their names will always be with me and I can take them anytime I want to take a drive our just go to a car show. I have always loved several car. A 69 Charger, 57 Chevy Bel Air, 2002 Skyline GTR34, and my first car that was given to me that I never got to drive was a 78 pontiac phoenix. I know what I want to do bit have never had the chance. One would be the lack of the car. But most of all the lack of funds to complete a build. But a dream is a dream. In my life the only dreams that have came true for me was my family and the Army. As a boy I always wanted to be a GI Joe and own a classic muscle car.


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