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RM Sotheby’s sets sale at Ferrari factory


Teaser: 1957 Ferrari 250 Testarossa on its way to auction in 2009| RM Sotheby’s photos

Ferrari celebrates its 70th anniversary this year and part of those festivities will be what RM Sotheby’s terms the “most significant single-marque sale in auction history,” a single-marque auction September 8 at the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy.

The auction, RM Sotheby’s promises, will “feature some of the most valuable and sought-after Ferraris on the planet.”

“At RM Sotheby’s we are continually striving to offer our clients an experience that is second to none,” auction house founder and chief executive Rob Myers said in a news release. “Our partnership with Ferrari is a direct reflection of this crowning achievement. For collectors and enthusiasts alike, the sale represents a world-class and singular event, perhaps one of the most significant auctions ever held, in fact.”

Auction will be held at Ferrari factory

“All entries for the sale will carry certification from the lauded Ferrari Classiche Department,” the auction news release noted.

Those vehicles have yet to be announced. Also pending are details of other events planned under the new partnership, which RM Sotheby’s said will include “several events” during the 70th anniversary year.

“The auction will bring together an exclusive, curated selection of the greatest sports, GT and racing Ferraris ever built, celebrating pivotal moments in the marque’s history and unearthing some of the most valuable and sought-after examples on the planet,” RM Sotheby’s said.

In its news release, RM Sotheby’s points out that it has “sold more examples (of Ferrari vehicles) than any other auction house,” including four of the 10-most valuable Ferraris offered for public sale.

RM Sotheby’s noted that in its history, its auctions have generated more than $660 million in sales, and that the sale of Ferraris are responsible for 40 percent of all sales, including three Ferraris, each of which sold at an RM-Sotheby’s event for $26.4 million or more.

“RM Sotheby’s and Ferrari have come together on numerous occasions in the past, including the 2007-2009 record-setting ‘Leggenda e Passione’ auctions held at the Ferrari factory in Maranello, events that cemented RM’s relationship and expertise with the marque.

“The strength of the partnership was proven once again in December 2016, with the charity auction of a unique LaFerrari at the Finali Mondiali at Daytona. The car achieved $7,000,000, with proceeds benefitting earthquake victims in Central Italy and, in the process, setting a record for a new car sold at auction.”


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