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1937 Ford Model 78 Deluxe Convertible Sedan


The Ford convertible looks freshly restored
The Ford convertible looks freshly restored

The four-door luxury convertible is pretty much an extinct configuration, gone by way of 1960s Lincoln Continentals, unless you count a couple of recent concept cars.

But there was a time when an open-air car with rear doors was the height of stylish transportation, such as the Pick of the Day, a 1937 Ford Model 78 Deluxe Convertible Sedan. While the Ford looks original, other than its slightly lowered stance and modern wheel treatment, the convertible packs a modern drivetrain for performance and reliability. The dual exhaust is also something of a giveaway.

Four-door convertibles were popular in the 1930s
Four-door convertibles were popular in the 1930s

This classic resto-mod has a crate GM 350 cid V8 under its hood backed by an automatic transmission, according to the seller, a Sonoma, California, dealer advertising the Ford on ClassicCars.com. That might sound heretical to vintage-Ford fanatics, who would prefer the original flathead V8, but there’s little doubt that the car is equipped for cross-country travel on today’s highways.

Other upgrades include disc brakes in front and newer classic-whitewall tires; the red steel wheels with chrome trim provide a nice accent to the tan body and top. A new fabric roof was recently installed at a cost of $6,000, the seller says.

The dashboard looks authentic, but there are just two pedals
The dashboard looks authentic, but there are just two pedals

“This California Ford was restored many years ago and has been beautifully preserved and cared for since,” the ad says. “Its current owner purchased locally over a decade ago and has made some nice improvements making it excellent for long, comfortable trips while keeping the appearance of originality.”

There also seems to be an old-school CB radio and lofty antennae on board.

The seller provides an extensive gallery of photos that show an exceptionally clean 80-year-old car, with bodywork and interior redone in original style. In resto-mod fashion, this Ford would provide the best of both worlds: an original-looking restoration of a desirable old Ford with the capabilities of a modern car.

The asking price of $42,800 seems fair enough, and you can let those Ford purists fume as you pass them by on the open road.

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