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Countdown to Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2017: 1969 Dodge Charger 500


1969 Dodge Charger 500

Editor’s note: This is the 29th in a 30-day sponsored series featuring cars to be sold January 14-22 during Barrett-Jackson’s 46th Scottsdale auction.

Offered during the 46th annual Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson auction, this 1969 Dodge Charger 500 has had a comprehensive restoration, a proven Mr. Norm’s Grand-Spaulding Dodge pedigree, and retains its original matching-numbers HEMI driveline.

These cars were produced from standard Charger R/Ts by Chrysler using a subcontractor. A flush grille and rear window were added with the hope it would make the cars more manageable at speed, but this change required a minimum of 500 street examples be created to legalize the new parts. As a result, Grand-Spaulding Dodge in Chicago took delivery of this T5 Copper-painted model with black wraparound Scat stripe, powered by a 426 cubic inch HEMI.

The original engine is still in this car and has 14,523 original miles. The engine is backed by the A727 automatic and Super Track Pak 4.10:1 rear gearing. The only significant changes from stock are the headers installed by Mr. Norm’s mechanics before the first owner took possession.

Highlights inlcude bucket seats and console, HEMI-mandated power steering and brakes, and the Charger sits on 15-inch wheels with dog-dish hubcaps.

Two Broadcast Sheets are included in the comprehensive paperwork preserved for this car by its only three owners over the last 45 years. Other documents include the original Chrysler-to-Mr. Norm’s invoice, Day 2 sales invoice from Mr. Norm’s, Window Sticker, Bill of Sale, Illinois legal paperwork – including title application, and the car comes with a set of period drag slicks and racing photos.

A complete Dave Wise vehicle inspection report authenticates the original born with motor and transmission and all paperwork.

For more information on 46th annual Scottsdale Auction, visit the Barrett-Jackson website.

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