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My Classic Car: Pete’s pair of Camaros


The cars in Pete's garage
The cars in Pete’s garage

This story is about myself and my father.

In spring of 1968 I ordered a LeMans-blue SS Chevrolet Camaro, four speed, 350, black vinyl top with console, rear antenna and 373 posi rear.

Pete bought back his father's car
Pete bought back his father’s car

The dealer, Strohl Chevrolet, ordered five more Camaros off my order, four in LeMans blue and one Teal Blue. When they started to arrive, my dad said that he wanted to buy the Teal blue car.

We drag raced them for quite a few years. I sold mine but dad held onto his until 2005.

Now fast forward to 2016. My dad passed away in February. I contacted the lady who bought a Camaro he owned, to see if she would consider selling it to me. After a short time she called me and said she would sell it back. She thought it should go back to where it started.

In 11 years she only put on about 400 miles, so it only had about 39,000 miles on it. Needless to say, I was thrilled to have something that dad and I shared.

The Z/28 comes home, too
The Z/28 comes home, too

Along with this car I was also lucky enough to buy back a 1969 Z/28 that dad and I redid in 1979 but sold around 1992. Again, I was lucky enough to get back.

As far as I am concerned lightening does strike the same place twice.

— Pete Paduch, Orefield PA

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