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New product: Super Gloss


Super Gloss along side Rohana Wheel

What makes Super Gloss different is that it shines and protects paint from sun fade, rust, salt, acid rain and other chemicals or stain-causing substances, but also can be applied to chrome and other vehicle surfaces.

It was developed by a former chemistry teacher to provide long-term protection by bonding a high-quality chemical to a special sun-shield ingredient which becomes bonded into and onto the surface, providing protection and hard but silky-smooth touch with high-gloss finish.

That unique finish made Super Gloss a military favorite from the 1970s to the ‘90s, in part because it reportedly made boats and aircraft travel faster and use less fuel.

ClassicCars.com applied Super Gloss to paint, carbon fiber parts, chrome exhaust pipes, headlights, and to a set of wheels and found Super Gloss to be extremely effective and easy to use. Significant was the way a surface felt after application.

When applied to wheels, the Super Gloss easily took off grease, brake dust, tar and water spots, and left the wheels feeling smooth while the produced also covered small scratches.

Super Gloss also removed rubber that had been partially melted onto exhaust pipes and left the chrome in stunning condition.

[caption id="attachment_93703" align="alignright" width="400"] Carbon Fiber after Super Gloss application

Super Gloss was effective at removing bugs and cleaning headlights, and with covering scratches on painted surfaces.

The carbon fiber parts tested had extensive oxidation and some yellowing on the clear coat. While Super Gloss did not completely remove the oxidation, it made a huge improvement in the look and feel. Given our test bottle size, we were unable to apply multiple coats as the Super Gloss paper work suggests, but speculate that another few applications would have removed more oxidation.

To apply Super Gloss, use a terrycloth towel in a circular motion on the surface and let it dry for 15 to 30 minutes into a milky film, then wipe or buff with a soft cotton cloth or buffer. It is not recommended to use red grease rags or apply on a hot or dirty surface.

Find out more on the Supergloss website.

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