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New product: NOCO Genius Boost BG40


NOCO Genius Boost BG40

Sometimes all it takes is bumping the light switch as you exit the vehicle, leaving on an over head light, charging too many cell phones with car off -– reasons for encountering a dead battery in the car range from simple to complicated. Really, there are only a few solutions when you find yourself stranded and asking for a jump.

The NOCO Company has developed some advanced battery-charging and jump-starting devices that could help, such as the NOCO Genius Boost GB40.

The GB40 is a portable lithium-ion battery jump starter pack that delivers 1,000 amps for jump starting a dead battery in seconds. Its small enough to keep stored in your glove box yet powerful enough to jump start a 6-liter V8 engine. It provides 20 jump starts per charge and doubles as a portable power source for recharging USB devices, like a smartphone, tablet and more.

ClassicCars.com passed the compact battery starter to a local mechanic who encounters dead batteries regularly and does a lot of road side repairs. He was able to use the GB40 several times and applied it to a variety of cars, ranging from a late model 2.3-liter Volvo with the completely dead battery to a mid-‘70s Corvette.

Because of its compact size, our mechanic found it easy to carry around and less cumbersome than a set of large jumper cables. The error indicators also proved useful, indicating a severely discharged battery; the manual override mode was used in testing. With each test, the charger powered the batteries instantly and our mechanic did not encounter any issues.

Other error indicators show when connected in reverse polarity or temporarily disabled for thermal protection. The device also emphasizes safety, notably that it won’t spark if you accidentally touch together the two battery leads while it’s turned on.

The interface also has status indicators displaying lithium batteries charge level and charging status with options to charge the device via a cigarette lighter adapter or a USB connection.

The GB40 also works as a LED flashlight with seven light modes, including SOS and emergency strobe.


Whats in the Box:

  • GB40 Lithium Battery Jump Starter
    • Dimensions: 7 inches long, 3 inches wide, 2 inches’ deep
    • Weight: 2.69 pounds
  • Heavy-Duty Battery Clamps
  • 12V Car Charger
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Micorfiber Storage Bag
  • User Guide & Warranty Information

Starting Current: 1,000 Amps (Peak)

Joules 3S Rating: 7,000 J3S

Battery Types: 12 Volt Lead-Acid Batteries

Internal Battery: 24 Watt-Hour Lithium-Ion

USB Input: 2.1 Amps

USB Output: 2.1 Amps

Gas Engine Rating: 6.0 Liters

Diesel Engine Rating: 3.0 Liters

LED Flashlight: 100 Lumens


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