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My Classic Car: Dan’s 1965 AMC Ambassador convertible


Long-distance searches finally led to his car | Dan Ostwick photos
Long-distance searches finally led to his car | Dan Ostwick photos

In the spring of 2014 I decided that it was time for a classic car. It had to be American Motors.

It was an easy decision. — 1965 Ambassador convertible. Nothing else would do.

Why? I started with AMC as a dealership mechanic in 1964. In 1968 I took a service manager position. Yes, AMC. In 1971 I took a parts manager position. Yes, AMC. Stayed in AMC  parts management to the end of AMC.

No rust on the one
No rust on the one

The first Ambassador convertible I looked at was 330 miles away. It had been repainted a different color — with the doors shut. Terrible mess.

Next one was 750 miles away. Way too many things wrong with it to-do list.

Third one also was 750 miles away, but I have a friend that lived only 50 miles from the car. He drove his Pacer over to see it. Said it looked good. His girlfriend fell in love with it. I bought it.

It’s a 327 4-barrel. Repainted in the original color, Mystic Gold (with the doors open ). Rechromed bumpers, new dual exhaust, new vacuum wiper motor, brand new 750 cfm Holly carb. Sweet.

The owner had the car for nine years. He put on less than 900 miles the whole nine years. Kept it in a garage.

Immaculate inside as well
Immaculate inside as well

When I got home I was looking at the title. One entry was “previous state of registration.” It says “CA.” It came from California! This car has no rust. I really got lucky. I live in Michigan. It will never see winter on my watch.

— Dan Ostwick, Gladwin MI

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