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Rev up your gift giving with $20K Lamborghini audio speakers


Lamboghini-inspired audio speakers are too heavy to stuff in a stocking | H.R. Owen photos
Lamboghini-inspired audio speakers are too heavy to stuff in a stocking | H.R. Owen photos

Weighing in at nearly 120 pounds, it’s not what you might consider a last-minute stocking stuffer, but certainly there’s someone on your naughty-or-nice list who’d appreciate a Lamborghini-inspired, $20,000 audio speaker system as a holiday gift.

The iXOOST ESAVOX boasts 800 watts, “and while it may not be able to compete with the symphony created by a V12 at high revs, you can be assured that it will please any audiophile,” according to the news release from H.R. Owen, the British luxury car dealer group displaying one of the units in its Lamboghini London store from December 20 through mid-January.

“It perfectly complements the style and performance of a Lamborghini,” H.R. Owens notes, “featuring shock absorbers, a carbon-fiber chassis and high-power 800 Watt output.”

Car-style start/stop switch on audio system
Car-style start/stop switch operates audio system

Priced at €19,900 ($19,795), plus tax, the Exavox reportedly is the first audio speaker system to bear the automaker’s name. Styling was inspired by the Lamborghini exhaust system, we’re told, with hexagonal speakers, four actual Lambo exhaust pipes and even the Automobili Lamborghini logo. Oh, and there’s an on/off switch just like that used to fire up a Lambo’s V12 engine.

The speaker set up is available in a variety of Lambo-like colors.

“Lamborghini cars are designed to thrill both the driver and those who see them,” iXOOST founder Matteo Panini said in the news release. “This is how I see Lamborghini’s style, and we have tried to follow this concept in the design of ESAVOX. It has taken two years to achieve this, following the idea of Ferruccio Lamborghini that ‘style follows instinct.’

“We believe we have achieved something really unique, where design and construction quality are combined in celebration of the Lamborghini legend.”

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