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Product review: Magic Creeper


Magic Creeper used to go under vehicle | Magic Creeper photos

[Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of holiday gift guide product reviews.]

The Magic Creeper from Cloud Cap Innovations is a wheel-less under-vehicle creeper that lays flat on the ground but slides forward and backward. It is made from a soft material which the manufacturer says is resistant to water and oil. When not in use, the creeper rolls up for easy and convenient storage.

Magic Creeper rolled up for storage

We passed a sample creeper to my dad, Larry James, an everyday mechanic with 40-plus years of experience in classic car restoration, maintenance on daily drivers, and making roadside repairs when necessary.

He found the Magic Creeper to be excellent for the enthusiast who occasionally crawls under a vehicle and likes that it can be stored in a vehicle’s trunk ready for roadside use on rough and uneven surfaces. He does advise however, that you may feel small rocks or other surface imperfections, as well as the heat that radiates off the pavement on hot days.

He appreciated the fact that not having wheels, the Magic Creeper won’t leave marks on your garage floor. Forward and backward motion is easy with the Magic Creeper, though deviation to the right or left can cause the material to become rumpled, limiting its practicality for someone who needs to move in all directions under the vehicle.

The Magic Creeper does have a low-profile with zero ground clearance, which is good for those with a lowered vehicle or who are limited on how high they can lift the car for repairs. And in addition to creeping beneath the car, the Magic Creeper is helpful to have around for sliding large objects.

Magic Creeper may not replace your fancy wheeled garage-creeping tool, but it costs much less, rolls up so it can be carried on the road, and lets you slide beneath even a low-slung vehicle.

, Product review: Magic Creeper, ClassicCars.com JournalMagic Creeper specs:

Weight: 3 pounds

Dimensions: 60 inches X 29 inches

Price: $89.95

Available from: http://magiccreeper.com/


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  1. Looks good but way too expensive. I paid only 20 bucks for a wheeled craftsman that is multidirectional and brand new.

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