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My Classic Car: Michael’s 1932 Chevrolet 5-window coupe


Cruisin' | Michael Scott photos
Cruisin’ | Michael Scott photos

My dad bought this car in 1968 for $200 and drove it home sitting on a 5-gallon bucket for a seat.

He changed the engine to a 383 V8 and got it running and then I drove it to high school in 1975, my senior year.

After that we were going to do more work to it but life got in the way. My dad passed in 1992 and the car had been sitting for years.

Dad would be proud
Dad would be proud

I retired and had it restored in 2014. I hope my dad would be proud of the way it turned out. I have won a few local shows with the car and having a lot of fun showing and driving it around town.

— Michael Scott, Abilene TX

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