My Classic Car: Ron’s 1940 Ford Deluxe woodie wagon

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Family seems to approve of the revisions | Ron Ayers photos
Family seems to approve of the revisions | Ron Ayers photos

All of the factory 1940 woodie wagons were four doors, but Jody Sauls of Cowboy Customs in Clinton, South Carolina, decided to make this one a two-door Ford.

I watched him while he was building it. I was in his shop one day and a pallet of lumber straight from the saw mill was setting on the floor. One month later, I went in and the body was built and in paint. Well, I said in paint. When Jody built the car, there was some differences in the color of the wood and Jody decided to stain the wood almost black and he painted the rest of the car black.

He put a hood on it that was de-chromed and just lacked pizzazz. He finally finished the car and put it on the market, taking it to several car shows.

Most of the time, he sells his finished vehicles at the first show he takes them to. This one was different. No one seemed to like it with the black body.

First revision involved taking wood back to natural color
First revision involved taking wood back to natural color

I told him one day that he needed to take the black paint off and finish the beautiful wood back in its natural color. He did and the car looked a lot more like a classic woodie wagon should look.

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I finally made him and offer and the beautiful car became mine.

But I still did not like the black paint and the de-chromed hood. So I asked him what he would charge me to take it back apart and he gave me a fair price. So I sent the car back to Cowboy Customs and about two months later, Jody had disassembled it, repainted it Viper red and added the correct hood chrome just the way ole Henry had one it.

Now I had the car of my dreams, a beautiful, one of a kind, red 1940 Ford Woodie Wagon.

I have really enjoyed it. My wife, daughter and grandson really do like it, too.

— Ron Ayers, Simpsonville SC

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