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My Classic Car: Roger’s niece’s 1980 Pontiac Firebird


No one drives this Firebird but its owner
No one drives this Firebird but its owner

My niece got her first car at 16, a used Pontiac Firebird that her dad bought for her birthday. Shortly after on a first trip to the city to see friends, her boyfriend stole the keys and took his buds for a ride. Long story short, end of car, broke up with boyfriend.

With insurance money and more she bought her second used Firebird, a 1980 and keep it until marriage and a daughter came along.

Fast forward many years.

Firebird displayed on a hockey rink
Firebird displayed on a hockey rink

When her dad bought a ’64 Ford Thunderbird, the car he always wanted, she started to look for her car, a 1980 Firebird Trans Am 301 turbo red with T-tops. Buying anything that was rusted or need work was not an option, so she looked high and low for the right car. Finally last fall, she came upon an ad for one located in Geraldton, Ontario, a small town that is even more remote than where she is.

The car was priced well but still a little out of range. But it turned out the owner was moving to Winnipeg, Manitoba. He was getting older, had nowhere to store the car and his wife wanted a new kitchen. They agreed on a price upon inspection, so off I went to check the car for her.

The car looked good in pictures but it seemed like it was in the too good to be true category. The story was he bought the car in Thunderbay, Ontario, when he was younger. Shortly after, he became a long haul trucker, working many hours and traveling all over, rarely driving the Firebird. He put the car away, driving it once in a while and changing oil regularly.

When I arrived to see the car, this is what I found: 1980 red Firebird TransAm, 301 turbo, air, T-tops, power windows, all original, including paint and tires with 9,710 miles, zero rust. The car was also fully documented from new.

When I arrived back with the car in tow, the look said it all. Now nobody drives the car but my neice, not her husband or 20-year-old daughter.

Even though the car may not be as old as most, it does turn heads. It will be looked after for many years. (She still has the original tires but put new ones on for safety.)

— Roger Wetelainen, Wabigoon, Ontario

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