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My Classic Car: George’s 1964 Plymouth Barracuda


Buddy tipped George off to this 1964 Plymouth Barracuda with Slant 6 engine
Buddy tipped George off to this 1964 Plymouth Barracuda with Slant 6 engine

I got a text message from a buddy of mine in Bowman, North Dakota, and he asked me if I knew anybody that would be interested in a 1964 Plymouth Barracuda. Naturally, I asked for some more information about it.

Now this buddy of mine is in his late 50s and he said his mom had a friend that had a daughter that had a ’64 Barracuda and she needed to sell it.

Sounds good, give me your mom’s phone number and I’ll call her, I said.

After just a few minutes I learned that this car was the daughter and her husband’s car. They had it as their pride and joy for many years, but the husband had passed away and the daughter just couldn’t keep it up properly and she needed money to pay some bills.img_6397

It was only 110 miles from my home, so the next day I made the journey with my truck and trailer and, to make a long story short, I bought the Barracuda right then and there.

The car had been repainted the original black color. The interior had been re-done in the original “gold” color.

Engine… well Slant 6, automatic transmission and, if you can imagine, power steering. Wow! I like it.

It was repainted but it had a cover on it which had the tie-down straps which had rubbed thru the paint in four places.

New battery, a cut and buff, some new rubber and I have a sweet running 1964 Plymouth Barracuda.

The push-button shifter on the dash with the Park lever to the left make it very unique and interesting. The interior on these things is huge. It can carry four people comfortably and lots of luggage.

And we won’t even mention the big back window!

— George Masters, Minot ND

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