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Coys claims ’64 DB5 is first social media sale, largest by an app


1964 Aston Martin DB5 bought for $1 million via Vero app | Coys photos
1964 Aston Martin DB5 bought for $1 million via Vero app | Coys photos

British auction house Coys says it has sold a 1964 Aston Martin DB5 for £825,000 ($1,015,370) and that it not only is “the first time a historic car has been sold directly on social media,” but is the largest known “in-app” purchase of anything to date.

The transaction also was the largest so far via Apple Pay and was done on the Vero platform.

“The proud new owner saw the DB5 at the Paris Motor Show,” Chris Routledge, chief executive of Coys, said in a news release. “He was overjoyed to see the car of his dreams and didn’t want to lose it… he was keen to quickly get in front of the queue, so a few days later he hit the ‘Buy Now’ button on Vero to guarantee the purchase, leaving two other collectors disappointed in his wake.

“This is an exciting achievement for Coys digital presence, which signals a new era for classic car sales. The ‘Buy Now’ feature on Vero will give informed and savvy collectors a crucial head start in a highly competitive market place.

“Collectors worldwide fight fiercely amongst themselves to obtain the best machines and we certainly feel that Coys presence on Vero will give our clients that essential edge.”

“Classic cars set the pulse racing like few other things,” added Ayman Hariri, co-founder and chief executive of Vero. “We’re delighted that Coys have chosen Vero as the platform to express their love of classic cars. With Vero’s unique Buy-Now feature, Coys is offering collectors a new way to purchase the cars they’ve always dreamed of owning.”

The ’64 Aston is a right-hand-drive version in Silver Birch with red interior. It had undergone a complete restoration after 20 years in dry storage.

Coys had announced at the Paris Motor Show that customers would be able to purchase a selection of historic cars via Vero.

Other historic cars currently listed and available for instant purchase on Coys’ Vero profile include a Ferrari Dino 246 once owned by Peter Grant (manager of the legendary band Led Zeppelin), a Ferrari Daytona and a Bentley Continental S2.

Vero calls itself a “next-generation social platform that takes the nuance, control and consideration we use to connect and share in real life and translates it online. By privately categorizing connections as ‘Close Friends’, ‘Friends’ and ‘Acquaintances,’ Vero users can tailor the audience for each post. Whether you want to share a private moment with family and friends or update your entire network, Vero lets you be social in a way that suits you.”

Vero is available on IOS with an Android-compatible version planned later this year. See the website for details.

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