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My Classic Car: Darrell’s 1964 Chevrolet Corvette


The poem
The poem

My story is in the first picture and the poem I wrote is dedicated to my Father, George C. Lewis, who was also my dearest friend. My Corvette was the last gift he gave to me through a small life-insurance policy he left me:

My 64 Dream Realized
His little boys’ eyes, wide with delight
Sitting next to his Daddy holding on tight
The roar of the sixty four ringing in his ears
Building a memory that would last 45 years.

The building blocks from a father to a son
Was in grained in me when I was very young
My Daddy taking me riding in his cool 64 Corvette
I was on top of the world with my every need met.

As I set in the seat with my anticipation a glow
He pushed our sixty four as fast as it would go
He so young lacking the wisdom of responsibility
But in the eyes of his son, there was no greater king.

Before he died he said he wanted to give it back to me
Our 64 Corvette sacrificed so many years ago for the family
Little did he know Gary Melvin had it under lock and key
And with my Daddies guiding hand, led him straight to me.

The final gift my Daddy bought for me
Helped me to regain my heart of tranquility
I will drive my sixty four until my time has come,
To pass down my Corvette, from father to SON.

In Loving Memory of George C. Lewis
March 21, 2014

Darrell's father and the Corvette
Darrell’s father and the Corvette

I miss him so much, but my car makes me feel his presence every time I see it. Its wonderful!

— Darrell Lewis, Santa Clara CA

Darrell and the Corvette
Darrell and the Corvette

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  1. Wonderfully written, and I know exactly what you mean. I “took over the Corvette franchise” in my family from Dad, whom I lost in 2007. He had designed a family crest he had on the door of all his Corvettes with our name on it. When I got my first Corvette (2006) I got the crest name banner altered to say under our name “40th Anniversary Commemorative Edition”, and he got to see it before I lost him. So every time I drive my car, that crest is on the door, now updated to “50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition”….

  2. Very nicely said. I can very much appreciate your relationship with your Dad and the times you had together in that awesome automobile. Your Dad was a wonderful man. It’s painful to loose a father. I am so happy for you that you have such a nice way to remember your Dad.

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