My Classic Car: Roger’s 1963 Dodge Polara 500 Max Wedge

She's 63 Maxine Wedge | Roger Johnson photo
She's 63 Maxine Wedge | Roger Johnson photo
She’s 63 Maxine Wedge | Roger Johnson photo

One day while reading through Hemming’s Motor News I spotted a ’63 Dodge for sale. I called the owner in Georgia and found the he had sold it in Scottsdale, Arizona, for $23,500.

I did some research found that it went to Mr. Norm’s shop in Chicago. I did a little more research and found that a guy in Clio, Michigan, had bought it. Well, I contacted him and he had it for sale. I drove there.

Good thing I had my nephew with me as the owner had cut most of the wires because he had a ground draining power from the battery and had followed what he called a process of elimination.

After bickering around, I bought the car. It had headlights but no tail lights so I drove it from northern Michigan to southern Michigan with my nephew following me. We took all the back roads.

After installing new wiring, a tune up and a clean up I now have the car that I always wanted: 63 Maxine Wedge (that is what I named her).

— Roger Johnson, Brownstown MI

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