Sold: 40 untouched classic cars reach $300,000 at auction

Sold: 40 untouched classic cars reach $300,000 at auction

Talk about barn finds:


This 1956 Ford Thunderbird was the highest sale, earning $27,100 | Repocast photos

Talk about barn finds: Scott Miedema, whose Repocast specializes in the recovery and sales effort within the Miedema Asset Management Group, was able to find and offer at auction a western Michigan family father’s untouched for 30 years collection of 40 classic cars.


Barn were cars were kept

“We met with the family at a restaurant and they escorted us to their property,” Miedema said, adding upon arrival he felt like he was living a scene from American Pickers or Horders as he was presented with a barn full of cars unseen for decades except by family members.

According to the family, who wishes to remain anonymous, the collection was amassed over 50 years. It included 28 Ford Thunderbirds, a 1932 Ford Model B and a 1947 Pontiac convertible, among many others.

The auction was done online. Among the sales was a 1956 Thuncderbird for $27,100, a 1973 Buick Riviera for $20,000, a 1987 Chevrolet Silverado for $16,250 and a 1932 Ford Model B for $15,700.

Overall, the barn-found collection generated more than $300,000 in sales.

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