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Photo quiz: Can you spot the fakes?


Is this a genuine vintage photograph? You decide | Photos courtesy of the author

Which of the following pictures are not old car photographs from the 1950s-early 1970s?  Add your comments to tell us which clues you spot that give them away.  Answers next week.

1. Custom Chevy
2. Chevy sedan with boat revised4
3. Ford wagon with camper2016-08-13 14.30.26 (3)
4. Dragster revisedc
5. Two campers revised3
6. Pair of Fords index
7. Custom Cadillac x1
8. Street rod revised5

See the answers here 

William Hall
William Hall
William Hall is a writer, classic car broker and collector based in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. He has spent the whole of his professional career in the automotive industry, starting as an auto-parts delivery driver at the age of 16 to working for some of the nation's premier restoration shops. He is a concours judge and a consultant to LeMay-America's Car Museum in Tacoma, Washington.
  1. 3 we did not have a solar panel ,4 front end stabilizer rods / bars were not used in the 50’s , 5 plastic trash bags are a giveaway. 7 true taken at Lions Drag strip

  2. 3,4,5,7,8 are phonies
    #3 – solar panel
    #4 – engine on rail too new for time period
    #5 – coolers, propane and lady with tatoo
    #7 – girl has headset on
    #8 – microwave antenna on tower

  3. Picture 3 modern mags on 57 wagon
    Picture 5 blue cooler is to new, yellow step ladder fiberglass to new
    Picture 8 1990 car show license plate
    This was great thank you

  4. There’s a solar panel in #4 sooo thats out. 5 has a cooler thats too new. In #8 if thats a dish on the tower its not new either.
    BTW I believe that ## 7 was taken at the LA County Fairgrounds but its real.

  5. All are fake
    1. modern rain spouts
    2. modern boat registration
    3. solar panel, plastic bucket
    4. man wearing cargo shorts
    5. collapsible trash can, fiberglass ladder, license plate
    6. Sitting mans clothing
    7. newer corvette in the background
    8. license plate date

  6. 1=Not old 2=is 3=is 4=not 5=is 6=not 7=is 8=is Most of the real old pic’s have poor resolution and glare in the picture.
    The new ones are clear. Also look for clear coat on the cars as a tell tale. Also the cloths the people are wearing.

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