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1947 Studebaker M5 pickup truck


The Studebaker pickup looks factory fresh
The Studebaker pickup looks factory fresh

Pickup trucks once were merely working vehicles appreciated for nothing more than getting the job done. But vintage pickups have risen in popularity among those who appreciate their classic style and who enjoy the simple pleasure of driving a basic truck.

Just about all the attention among collectors is on Ford, Chevy and Dodge trucks, but there is much to be said for the pickups from lesser brands, such as International, Hudson, even the highly collectible Diamond T. Studebaker holds a special place in the hearts of many hobbyists, and the pickups from the late, lamented brand have a unique style that sets them apart.

The pickup is a half-ton short-bed model
The pickup is a half-ton short-bed model

The Pick of the Day is a 1947 Studebaker M5 pickup, an attractive short-bed stepside model that has been restored to original, the seller says. The half-ton truck is located in Maple Lake, Minnesota, which sounds like the kind of place where you’d find a 69-year-old Studebaker pickup truck.

The Studebaker’s styling with its tall shape, trim dimensions, simple ornamentation and nicely rounded fenders is particularly attractive, at least it is to me. I’m a longtime fan of Studebaker trucks from the late ’40s and early ’50s, when they seemed like the ideal blend of homely utility and stylish design.

This one looks great, although the dealer listing the truck on ClassicCars.com has included only two photos, neither of which show the interior or engine bay. The description is also brief, although the seller says several important things that would lead you to believe this is a good solid pickup worth pursuing.

For one thing, it’s described as having been driven only 34,000 miles and an “excellent restoration of a rust-free survivor.” The truck is powered by it is original straight-six engine with four-speed transmission. The glossy green paint looks to be in good shape, and the color seems period correct. Yellow bed rails advertise some kind of dog-kennel business, which would have to go.

This truck would not be the kind of vehicle you’d put to work; it’s strictly for fun cruising and showing off its distinctive design.

The $14,900 asking price seems quite modest for what looks to be an interesting vintage pickup in great condition that would be fun to drive and fun to be seen in. As the seller notes, “everyone has a Chevy or a Ford.”

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Bob Golfen
Bob Golfen
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