Two more ‘barn-find’ Jaguar E-Types coming to auction

Partially disassembled, the 1963 Jaguar XK-E was in storage 20 years | Classic Car Auctions photos
Partially disassembled, the 1963 Jaguar XK-E was in storage 20 years | Classic Car Auctions photos

Just when you thought all the derelict barn-find Jaguars had been found and sold at auction, here come a couple of early E-types rescued from long-term storage and heading to sale June 18 in England by Classic Car Auctions.

The strong values of the iconic XK-Es seem to be the catalyst for more owners of forlorn project Jags to cash them in. Classic Car Auctions say the cars, a valuable 1963 3.8-liter hatchback coupe and a somewhat less-desirable 1966 4.2-liter 2+2 coupe, are “both ideal candidates for restoration projects.”

The 1966 Jaguar coupe has been hanging out in the barn
The 1966 Jaguar coupe has been hanging out in the barn

Guy Lees-Milne, general manager of Classic Car Auctions, noted in a press release that the cars could present opportunities to purchase otherwise unaffordable classic  E-Types for restoration, although the cost of professional refurbishing could quickly eat away the savings. But a competent hands-on enthusiast could make it work.

“The Jaguar E-type is one of the most recognized and iconic cars ever produced and is extremely popular among classic car fans,” Lees-Milne said in a news release. “Barn finds such as these offer the chance to purchase a beautiful car at a great value price and bring back to its former glory, a labor of love which could also be a very savvy investment.”

The 1963 Jaguar coupe is “clearly a well-loved car,” the auction house says, and its first owner kept it for 30 years before it was acquired by the second owner, who drove it for only a couple of years.

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“The car was then tucked away in a barn and has recently been discovered an amazing 20 years later,” the auction house says.

The 1963 Jaguar's steering wheel and dashboard look salvageable
The 1963 Jaguar’s steering wheel and dashboard look salvageable

Under the dust, the right-hand-drive, four-speed car shows that it was partially disassembled, although the body is described as being in good condition. The auction places its value at £25,000 to £30,000 ($36,000 to $44,000 at the current exchange rate).

The 1966 2+2 coupe, also with right-hand drive, is a Series I with covered headlights and four-speed transmission described by the auction as “an abandoned restoration project which ran out of steam some 15 years ago.” Also partially disassembled, this car is valued at £12,000 and £15,000 ($17,500 to $22,000).

Classic Car Auctions will hold its sale at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre, Leamington Spa. For more information visit the auction website.

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