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1950 Plymouth Club Coupe custom woodie


The custom wood trim on the 1950 Plymouth coupe looks good enough to be original
The custom wood trim on the 1950 Plymouth coupe looks good enough to be original

Woodies are cool. Whether you’re talking about ’60s surfer life, custom street rods or classic country-club culture, nostalgia for wood-bodied cars makes them a mainstay for car collectors. Beautiful examples tend to carry exclusive price tags.

That’s why it was so nice to find the Pick of the Day, a 1950 Plymouth Club Coupe with custom wood trim, priced under $24,000. No, there was no wood-bodied Plymouth coupe produced in 1950 – only some station wagons wore wood, and 1950 was the final year – but the professional-looking woodwork on this coupe looks original enough that you might believe there actually was one.

The Plymouth's rear resembles the Chrysler 'barrel back' woodie of the same era
The Plymouth’s rear resembles the Chrysler ‘barrel back’ woodie of the same era

If the lack of authenticity doesn’t bother you, you could have one of the coolest woodies in Mayberry at a reasonable price. Other than the period-looking wood treatment, the Plymouth is a bone-stock example of the attractive slope-back Club Coupe with just 67,100 miles showing on its odometer.

“Honestly, where else are you going to find a cool cruising coupe with fresh wood on the sides for less money?” the seller, a classic car dealer in Lutz, Florida, says in the listing on ClassicCars.com. “This 1950 Plymouth Club Coupe is an affordable and fun way to enjoy classic car motoring. It turns a ton of heads and can even impress a judge or two with its original power plant under the hood.

“This classic Plymouth is not trying to be a hot rod, and so there is a refreshingly honest impression that you see in everything from the factory hubcaps to the big round roofline. Even all that flowing stainless trim on this Deluxe model has not been altered.”

The Plymouth is stock other than the custom woodie treatment
The Plymouth is stock other than the custom woodie treatment

The Plymouth’s burgundy paint has a good luster, the chrome is bright and the lacquered wood glistens, the seller says. The 218 cid flathead straight-six engine runs great, and the engine bay looks tidy and original, the listing adds, noting that the car is “a complete package … of reliability and comfort.”

“The tasteful interior is pure post-war comfort, like the warm glow of a Victrola and the smell of mom’s cooking in the kitchen,” the seller says. “The beige cloth upholstery has that same feeling, and there’s plenty of room for six inside this coupe. It wears its age with pride by showing off how durable Plymouth made their products 65-plus years ago.”

The asking price is $23,995, which seems quite cheap if the car is everything the seller says it is. And even if the restorer did create a wood-trimmed coupe that never actually existed.

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Bob Golfen
Bob Golfen
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  1. Great looking example. My first care was a 50 ply club coupe. 50K miles for $150.00 Had it 4 year and 4 different colors Still miss it. Got a thing for cars with big butts. currently have a Mercedes CLS.

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