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1962 Lincoln Continental Presidential limousine


1962 Lincoln Continental

A lot of enthusiasts collect cars that have helped shape their personal history, whether a significant moment in life, something they admired as a child, or the car a mom, dad, or grandparent drove. Cars have always had an impact on society and history, but it’s not every day a collector will find a car that played host to a U.S. president and thus had a role in the nation’s history.

Listed on ClassicCars.com, our Pick of the Day is a 1962 Lincoln Continental Presidential Town limousine that was used by President John F. Kennedy and his administration. This Continental is one of only three built by presidential coachbuilder Hess & Eisenhardt and has a documented history from the moment it went into service for the Kennedy administration in August, 1962.

Front of the presidential car

According to the listing on ClassicCars.com, the car is black with black leather in the front and features light blue cloth and leather in the rear. Like the two sister cars built by Hess & Eisenhardt, #424232 has all the presidential amenities of the time, including a rear-center arm rest telephone, front/rear seat partition with division glass, front chromed flag stanchions, and the all-important flashing red headlamps.

Additionally, the wheelbase was extended to 131 inches. Power comes from a 430 cid V8 that pumps out 300 horsepower. The V8 is mated to a 3-speed automatic transmission.

The listing says that this Continental was used in New York by President Kennedy just seven days before his assassination November 22, 1963, in Texas. This was the president’s main limousine while X-100, the bubble top Lincoln he was in when he was slain, was mainly used for parades.

Info plate indicating it as car #424232

After the Kennedy administration, #424232 was used through the Lyndon Johnson administration and retired in 1974 when it was then sold back to Ford Motor Company.

During its years of service, the Continental was cared for by Calvin S. Beauregard, former Ford executive and manager of public affairs, transportation division, who eventually purchased the car from Ford. The car moved to Arizona and was later sold to Beauregard’s neighbor, Dr. Francois Theroux until purchased by the current owner.

The Continental is being offered by a dealer in St. Ann, Missouri, for $299,000. Along with the car, the next owner will receive the vehicle’s full documentation from Ford.


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  1. These 61-67 Lincolns were large and in charge in the 60s with their stately look and of course the sucide doors. The convertibles are especially collectible and a joy to drive hauling the whole family and more.

  2. I owned two 1965 Lincoln Continental four door sedans back in the day. Both were light blue with vinyl tops, blue leather interior. These were very nice cars, but the radios were junk. The transmission went out on one, and Aamco transmission company, even after several tries could never make it work properly again. Both cars eventually were sold.

  3. Our family actually owned this car. Red lights were added, as were the flag stanchions after it left FoMoCo service. Some of the “facts” are a little off. It was owned by FoMoCo,never assigned to the Secret Service, only borrowed by them when the President or First Lady was in NYC.

  4. I wonder If this was the car that went to a Canadian Museum and was for sale in the mid 1980s. Could have-should have bought that car- I still have my notes of that car –someplace. I THINK it was less then $30.000.00 back then- I remember the original paint on the trunk lids was badly cracked.

  5. This is an amazing limousine with a lot of history behind it obviously. Excellent post and pick by ClassicCars.com
    I was searching this vehicle the other day, and I’m glad it found a new owner. It deserves to be cared and preserved.

    All I have to say is “lucky buyer.” Owning any kind of luxury limousine can be cool, especially for people like me who own limousine companies. So I can only imagine, adding such an important piece of history to a collection of limousines, must feel amazing!

    I wish more and more vehicles of historic significance were used in these modern days. It gives an extra touch to not only the owner, but also the fellow drivers on the road. I would really love driving down a highway, and seeing a significant car driving next to me. It’s a nice window view to have and it certainty brings back a lot of memories and thoughts to mind.

  6. In my opinion two of the most beautiful body styles ever were launched in 1961……the iconic Jaguar E-type and the gorgeous and stately Continentals!

  7. This is certainly and impressive car. But the story does not tell us why or when the 1964 grill was substituted for the original.

  8. Happy to oblige on the “grille” issue. While in the ownership of the FoMoCo, it was common place to “update” a vehicle that was going to be seen and photographed with VIPs. While I am not sure about THIS , Lincoln, I know for a fact that 2 Lincoln convertibles were updated, authorized by my father,(Cal Beauregard). The 1st was a blue convertible updated from 1967 to appear as a 68. The second was updated from a 1967 to a 69, and the original light green was changed to black. Both were used as “Parade Cars” by FoMoCo in NYC, and can be seen in many images of ticker-tape parades during that era. Our family owned the 1962 subject above, and the 1968 parade car. The 1962 has had the red lights ADDED, along with the flag stanchions.These were NOT on the vehicle when used by President Kennedy or the Ford family! Missing in the restoration are the Bell Telephones located in the rear armrest and the front floor, (along with the HUGE electronic base in the trunk & chrome fire extinguisher!)

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