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My Classic Car: Bob’s 1959 Chevrolet


Bob's 1959 Chevrolet convertible | Robert Langley photos
Bob’s 1959 Chevrolet convertible | Robert Langley photos

We have the car that my wife and I had for our first date in.

Still doing their Sunday afternoon dates in the Chevy

It was in 1961 that I came home on a week in pass. I had known her ever since she was in the third grade and I was in the eighth grade, though I could not stand her back then.

However, while I was away in the Army she really grew to be a beautiful young lady.

So, having nothing to do one Saturday night, I went to the local skating rink. She was sitting with her father and everyone else were skating. I asked her if she wanted to skate. She said she could not skate.

But I got her a pair of skates and, believe me, she could not skate. She liked to killed me trying to teach her to skate. When I was became tired of holding her up, I was glad to sit for a while.

I told her if she wanted to ride around Sunday afternoon to be in her front yard. (I did not want to ask her parents for they were high class and I was just a share-cropper’s son.)

That Sunday, she was standing in her front yard. The rest is history

We have been married for 54 years, and still like to take our ’59 convertible out on Sunday afternoon.

— Robert Langley, Morehead City, NC

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  1. Awesome, Bob, I had almost the same experience only it ended up her sister married a fellow with a 1957 Ford Sunliner ragtop with a 292 ci, under cover of blankets and never used as he had a VW for a company car, I just came back from Vietnam, a year later I married into the family and started asking him to sell me his prize possession, it took 3 years, I now have have a 57 with 48,000 original miles, mint condition and kept in my AC garage in Ft Myers. Fl, I’m 72 and Love every minute in that car and my wife and I have been married 48 yrs, Glad I read this article, Lenny Brown

  2. That was my first car, too, without the skirts and continental kit. Same color, interior and Turboglide! Wish I could have one today.

  3. My first car was a ’59 Chevy Impala four door hardtop. White with red interior. It had a 348 with a turbo-glide (slide glide). That car was so much fun to drive. Windy days were a little tough.

  4. What a beautiful car and a more beautiful love story…I pictured a pretty young girl standing in her front yard waiting for Bob. Don’t ever stop the Sunday rides with your bride Bob. Have a wonderful rest of your life Bob. If you ever feel like selling the car, call me at (550) 284-8818.

  5. My grandfather you to take us to Jones Beach State Park (from the BRONX ) in the summer when I was eight or nine with my sister I have great memories of him driving with the top down fast on Jones Beach Causeway and my grandmother yelling at him to slow down your grandchildren are in the backseat ,we enjoyed every moment with them on the beach all day my grandparents showedus great love and pride and how do I enjoy nature and especially the beautiful New York beaches .i would love to own this car I have been looking for one my whole life.would love to drive and cruise the New Jersey Beachs where I now live with the love of my life my wife Paula.

  6. Absolutely stunning!!! And I bet your bride is also! What a blessed couple you are to have each other and your dream car. I also had a white 1959 Impala with red interior in high school. That car has been on the top of my dream list all my life, even over the Corvettes that I have owned and now it has moved over to my bucket list. I am blessed to have my true Soul Mate who puts up with my obsession, so until then I will look at yours and dream on. Blessings, Carl

  7. I had the exact same car in 1962 and loved it except for the 348 engine and turbo-glide trans.. Saw one sell at Meccum Kissimmi for $90 K Mine was in Orlando. I now consider that one of Chevy’s best looking cars.

  8. I would LOVE to own such a beauty. The only thing that’s missing is…..Money !!
    On e of the most beautiful cars/model ever built.!!

  9. Liked my ’59 Chevy convertible. 348 motor/auto. Wish I kept it. Still have my ’63 split window Corvette coupe. 300 hp 4spd.

  10. Stovebolt fan forever. First new car was a 59 Impala convertible. White w/grey interior. 6-cyl w/powerglide. My dad thought the 6 cyl would keep me out of trouble. He was partially right.

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