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My Classic Car: Petey’s 1973 Triumph TR6


Sketches show the desired look

I’ve had this car a few years. Like a lot of custom builders, your own car project seems to hit the back burner.

I restored many cars in my day and fell into the foreign car circle. Getting the pleasure of doing the small cars seems to be more fun.

I’m doing this car for SCCA racing. The TR6 is going to be a semi hot rod to my liking after I completely give her a going over. I will sell her to a happy customern in hopes to keep her tradition alive, like the commercial says: Don’t crush them, restore them.

I’ve been able to say I have enjoyed restoring cars and boats for over 50 years. some good some bad. But I’d like to say to our younger crowd of new restorers never quit or give up your dream to finish the project you start. There’s someone around every corner who will say that’s a beautiful car. Did you restore that? And your proud answer will be an emphatic “yes!”

— Petey Handine (Pete’s Customs), Delray NJ

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